Free PHP form mailer script

Add an email form to your website within a minute with my PHP mailer script so that your customers can contact you by email quickly and easily. The script is fully customisable by editing a simple configuration file - even a chimp could do it!

Why have an email form on my website?

A huge amount of people use web based email services such as Hotmail and Yahoo. If they want to get in touch with you by email, instead of being able to simply click an email link (like users with email clients such as Outlook), they have to go to the email providers website - log in to their account - create a new email - copy your email address across and then finally send the email.

That is a bit of a long way round when you could have a simple form for them to fill in and send to you, so you should have an email form on your website to make it more user friendly for your visitors/potential custmers.

Mailer script features

The BELLonline mailer form is a simple script that has the following features:

Download mailer script here for free

BELLonline PHP mailer

This is intended as a simple form for your website visitors to contact you.
Please don't email asking for extra fields, drop down menus or any other modifications to the script unless you are willing to pay for it. Modifications can be made from around £15.

PHP mailer script demo

I have put a mailer script demo online so that you can test it out for yourself. It doesnt go to a real email address, so no one will get your message, but is basically working (possible error messages etc) and it will function exactly as the PHP mailer form would.

Click here for the PHP Mailer Script demo

Version history

v1.0 Initial release.

v1.1 Added stripslashes to avoid " being replaced with \" in sent emails.

v1.2 Added the following to BELLmailer.php and altered a small mistake in the Readme.

v1.3 Add optional feature to disable emails sent from same domain as recipient (avoid spam)

v1.4 Extra security features to avoid spammer abusing email form.

v1.5 Fixed bug that replaces "-" with space.