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Has a payment to BELL ONLINE LTD appeared on your bank/card statement?

If you're not sure what the payment was for, we provide web hosting, domains and streaming services.

If you believe that a payment was not authorised by you or you forgot to cancel your auto renewal then please contact us here before speaking to your bank, as we can investigate and refund accidental payments much more quickly.

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Service Status

There are currently no known issues related to media streaming services.

There are currently no known issues related to web hosting services.


Changes to Bank Transfers

We are currently in the process of changing our bank. If you pay by bank transfer then please use the new account details for future payments – we will email you with further information and it will also be included on your next invoice. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us.

Cloudflare outage affecting services

A major outage at Cloudflare has caused intermittent outages on for some users, we expect service to be back to normal shortly.

Thank you for your patience.

Google Chrome update – TLS streams

Due to a recent Google Chrome update, plain HTTP content (such as many audio streams) will not be played for some Chrome users if hosted on a TLS enabled web page. Previously, the user would have seen a ‘mixed content’ warning and the stream will have played normally.

The player that we provide with your MixStream server automatically detects whether a TLS stream is required (this has been the case for some time now as it avoided the mixed content warnings), but if you are using any other player (such as your own HTML5 player or a third party player) on your TLS enabled website then you will need to change your stream URL to the secure version.

To obtain your TLS stream URL, please log into the dahsboard and click the ‘Servers’ option in the menu, navigate to your server and scroll down to ‘Listener Connections’. You will need to use the ‘Stream URL (TLS)’ or ‘TLS Proxy’.

If you use Shoutcast then the TLS stream is provided via a web proxy.
Icecast servers support TLS natively – this makes it more reliable than using a proxy.

What is TLS?
TLS was formerly known as SSL and is the name of the encryption that’s used for securing web pages. You can tell if a web page is TLS enabled by looking at the URL – if it starts with https:// and not http:// then it is TLS enabled.

Do I need to make changes if my website isn’t TLS enabled?
No, if your web page starts with http:// then you don’t need to use the TLS enabled stream URL.

We are aware that in the past, spammers have 'spoofed' email addresses from our domain to send out junk mail. We don't send any form of marketing or unsolicited emails, if you have received a spam email (selling goods, work from home, or any other scam) then we recommend that you delete it and don't respond.